New York Fashion Week Victoria Beckham soaks up her sources to produce a canny cocktail of a collection

20-Victoria-Beckham-ReutersLike every fashion editor worth his or her knicker elastic, I’ve spent most of the past three days with iPhone clenched insweaty hand fitfully trying to snap at interminably perambulating objects – namely clothes, on models. It’s mostly an aide-memoire – that crocodile coat you may forget amongst the creased linens of Altuzarra, the booty-call ensemble of oversized trench over satin night-gown at Alexander Wang. Part of it is simply because it’s what everyone does. It’s become the routine, the job of a fashion critic to pump out imagery and pithy comments across social media platforms like visual canapés, appetisers of the reviews to come.

This season, I’ve had trouble getting anything to come into focus. Blame the lighting, or my jet-lagged eyes, but it feels like a metaphor for a New York fashion week that, despite a surfeit of shows, and the major new player of Riccardo Tisci’s Givenchy, has resolutely failed to snap into 20:20. There’s a sensibility of sex, manifest literally in limp camisole dresses at Wang and Givenchy, more abstracted in the crumpled, rumpled, roll-in-the-hay bunched-up pencil skirts

Givenchys Riccardo Tisci Is the King of Fashion Week

17TISCI1SUB1-master675Last Friday evening, a pier overlooking ground zero turned into the modern-day equivalent of “La Dolce Vita” when the Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci made his New York Fashion Week debut.

Ostensibly, the show was about religion and the legacy of 9/11. But messages like that can become obscured when the impending arrival of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian holds up the proceedings for more than an hour.

Nicki Minaj was there, looking in her leopard print dress like the incarnation of Jessica Rabbit. A few feet away was a more understated Julia Roberts, standing in her black tuxedo jacket and matching pants, with a dash of black eyeliner. Seated toward the back were Christina Ricci, Courtney Love, Deborah Harry, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Hudson and Erykah Badu. Even Pedro Almodóvar was in attendance, having come all the way from Madrid.

And that was to say nothing of an older woman standing at the front gates professing to be a member of New York’s first family.


Dao Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbornes Debut at DKNY

0916-IFW-DKNY-jumbo“Growing up in New York left an indelible impression on us,” read the signed letter from Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne that was placed on every seat. They are New York natives, and DKNY, where they are newly installed creative directors, is a New York native, too. It grew out of the city and was a part of the landscape — figuratively, but literally, too. In its youth, a famous DKNY mural, of the cityscape seen within the logo, was a SoHo icon.

The new look of DKNY under Mr. Chow and Mr. Osborne owes a debt to the styles they have been designing for Public School, their own label, but also to Donna Karan and DKNY’s past. The first look paired a pinstriped blazer with a crepe jersey bodysuit — a looser, sportier iteration of the bodysuit Ms. Karan pioneered as one of her Seven Easy Pieces early in her career.

The collection came in a New York palette — black, white and cement gray, mostly, with a late-show blast of blue — and riffed on city wardrobes. The weight of expectation was great,

Content Writing On a Budget: 6 Tips from the Great Depression

Most people think of hiring content writers an expensive process. Although it is easy to find content writers in India online willing to write for a less amount, but the sheer volume of content needed to effectively market on the internet is very large. Also, good content writers charge higher rates but deliver higher quality content. Getting high-quality content for a low price can be quite a challenge. There are a few points which will help you –

  • Using existing content to make more. You may have audio video, slideshows and blog posts which can be made into complete articles. Here, you will have the surety of the content being written and its quality and since it is just about rewriting existing content you can get it for a lower rate.


  • Be more specific. It is difficult to compete with the marketing of bigger scale and budget. You can always make an impact just by sticking to the basics. Think of writing blog posts or just website content. Go after keywords which are getting lesser traffic. Be more specific in the audience that you are

Inside Outside Of Online fashion

Undoubtedly, people who follow fashion relentlessly can be easily termed as fashionistas, no matter what the trend is across the globe, you will see them draped in the newest trends.

The styles, shapes, codes, personality, expression, lifestyle are all those factors that influence a young heart to chase every bit of the fashion world. From every point of view, women’s fashion now seems to be an unavoidable necessity in life and, no matter what, disbursing a huge sum of money and resources on the collection of latest clothes is sometimes in favour of the scenario but at times it even takes a disappointing term.

Well, today I am just going to reveal a few facts, encouraging you to get closer to latest fashion trends for women because, once these are adopted they will always stay connected with you. So, get to know some advantages of falling in the league of fashion lovers and maybe then you can feel a difference in your overall personality too.

For The Sake Of Identity:

You must have seen ample of online shopping sites where the latest trends are showcased, endorsed and uplifted by the huge celebrities. If

Style file for the year ahead – seven trends to check out

image for Style file for the year ahead – seven trends to check out

OMG there are so many exciting fashion-moods about to explode over the style scene this year. To stop things getting messy, here’s a quick and easy guide to what’s cool and causing a stir on Planet Fashion…

Sleeve fever

One of the big stories right now is sleeves. Who knew the humble sleeve could get so fascinating? Fashionistas up and down the land have been enthusing about the evolution of the sleeve. In short, this season we will be arming (terrible pun) ourselves with voluminous shapely sleeves. Think bell shaped, bat wing, flared and floaty – the statement sleeve will be making its presence felt in formal and casual dress. Now you know.

Neckline check

Necklines are always pretty unpredictable in fashion, but this year we will definitely be spotting more high necklines. Feminine blouses with bows and ribbons and chaste necklines will be popular. In contrast, there will also be a fair bit of tightly bodiced, laced up  cleavage action, putting it all out front. Slash necklines, cutting straight across the

The most important benefits of buying maternity clothes

Pregnancy is an amazing period in most women’s lives. On the other hand, the physiological transformations taking place in your body can make you feel uncomfortable. To cope with this, you can invest in comfortable maternity clothing. Take into account that maternity clothes are usually worn for about 12 months, typically from the second trimester until couple months after the birth of the baby. Even though not everybody experiences the similar body changes, nearly all women do gain weight and as a result this makes pre-pregnancy clothing uncomfortable.

Take into account that you should know how to select the right clothing sizes, what alternatives are accessible to hold your growing baby bump, how to choose the best fabrics and which things and accessories to get to cover all your essential needs.

So, the first thing to think about is choosing the correct maternity clothing size. There is no set time to buy Seven Women maternity clothing in Ottawa, though. Take into account that the majority women do not start to search until the second trimester, so as a minimum you should be ready to start shopping around this time.

A lot of women make the mistake of purchasing usual

Clothing Brands in India

Being fashionable and stylish is the ultimate intent of every individual when he or she dresses up every single day. Each person’s definition of fashion is different from the other. The international brands of clothing line have however tried to re define the meaning of fashion with their own clothing line, which again differs from one geography to another, in line with their societal cultures and expectations. India as a country has generally been very inviting with respect to the different fashion and cultures of the world and Indians have in general been very welcoming of the clothing line of various brands, in line with international fashion. Fashion brands in India have seen a steroidal increase in the past decade and especially with the relaxations of the foreign direct investment policies, India has welcomed a number of international brands and companies in the clothing and fashion arena. A number of international brands of clothing have even tied up with a number of Indian clothing brands and entered in to the Indian markets.

When it comes to fashion, the numero uno in terms of reputation, style, designs is Mango India. Being an international clothing brand, Mango is very popular for its out